Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Song of the day

Song of the day...for the melancholy day that i am having...
I heard Pete Yorn- "Strange Condition" on the radio- googled it to find the link, but then ran across another one of my favorite songs from this album  below....

Pete Yorn's album: Music for the Morning After

Band: Pete Yorn

Song: Life on a Chain

next song is the original one i heard on the radio:

Band:  Pete Yorn
Song:  Strange Condition
i couldn't find a good link for this one-  the beginning of the song is something else- then it goes into the goodness.. 

This album brings me back,  i remember being in a CD Store in 2001, and i picked up this CD because i thought the guy on the cover was cute.. haha.   years later still lovin' the album..... it summer yet?

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