Wednesday, March 16, 2011

This and That

hi friends, not much happenin' on my front... wake up go to work, go to yoga, go home, walk chai, eat dinner, watch tv, go to sleep and do it all again.   Good news is- tomorrow it's gonna be 60 degrees!!  Oh and it's St. Paddy's day actual... so the drunkers will be out in full effect. (annoying news)

This past weekend my friend Hayley and I drove out to Wisconsin to look for our annual Girls Trip house.. and we found it!!  Check it out here
looks good right?  There's a POOL!! and a POOL TABLE!! and a BAR... omg, i can't wait till summer.

Last night i finally got some of my pictures loaded up to my new MAC-  here are some excerpts from the holidays.  Enjoy:
 Here is my sweet baby niece Simone- she is learning about baby Jesus... omg. so cute

Here she is with her sassy self- she is gonna be trouble.

Here are me and my lovely friends.. a few drinks in....
Andrew and I on New Years Eve
Andrew and i making a ham at our first annual Holiday Potluck!
me and Alison!

Me & Hayley, and CHAI!! 
Our FIRST Christmas Tree !

Super late post for the holidays- but hey, i got em up there!  If you want to see more go here
There is a lot.  (some not so cute).. you've been warned.
Happy Wednesday Ya'll. 
xoxo jtc

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  1. love the pictures! looks like a fun holiday season. oh, and that niece of yours is tooo cute!
    -you left me a comment about the scrapbook questions. i tried to ask some sweet ones, i.e. "what is you favorite memory with 'the bride'?", or "what do you love most about 'the bride & groom' together?" and then some silly ones like "if "bride & groom" had a reality show what would it be called?" and "who wears the pants, bride or groom?". anyways, i got the wedding party to answer them then asked the groom to answer them as well and mixed his in amongst our answers for a pleasant suprise. the bride loved should totally steal it.


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