Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Song of the Day

It's been a while since i have LOVED a new song.  This is Paul Simon's new song, and i do in fact love it.  Paul Simon is one of my all time favorites, so of course i would.
But i hope you enjoy it.  He is going on tour, and i wish, and dream of being rich enough to go see him in concert.  I have entered a coupla contests to win tickets to no avail.  I'll keep ya posted if i win!  I'll be real happy. Anywho, hope you are lovin' this song as much as my inner hippie does.

Band: Paul Simon
Song: The Afterlife

Im ready for my girls night tonight!  it's at my house, cause my husband is outta town- PART-EEE !! (jk babe, if you are actually reading this).  (he still hasn't read it). haha
But i'm real excited, i am making an asian stir-fry with pot stickers and edamame for an app.  with LOTS of WINE!!  And we are watching the finale of Top Chef all stars- GO RICHARD!
side note: if Richard doesn't win this, i am banning top chef forever.
Ok, i kid, i kid, that would be too hard. BUT i will be real sad for him.....

adios mi amigos!

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