Tuesday, May 31, 2011


So yes, i have begun packing for our European Vacation.. and oh man it is not easy.  For a girl that brings 5 pairs of shoes to Dallas over Christmas break (you never know the weather!!)  This trip to Europe is freakin' hard!

I saw Midnight in Paris over the weekend.  CHECK ONE off of my list..  and it was such a great and interesting story line, but HELLO everyone was dressed real cute, just WALKING around....
I have never claimed to be a fashionista.. but ya'll know i got some new cute shoes i just gotta bring!  Rachel McAdams in Midnight in Paris - wore heels/ and wedges the whole time..
another side note---- (seeing Bridesmaids TOMORROW with my lady friends) YAY!

i am NOT that fancy.. (or fancy at all)  but i got some new cute (YELLOW) flats i wanna bring.
I feel the need to bring some sneakers.  I don't normally wear sneakers unless i am working out/running.. but again, we will be doing a LOT of walking- i feel like i should bring them.  But you know they wont go with anything i bring, and i bet i will never wear them... but if i don't bring them... I'm gonna get blisters from my flip flops and WISH i had.

Aren't ya'll so happy i started a blog so you can hear my frustration on PACKING?!?!  i know... sorry.. gotta vent somewhere right?!!

The other thing is... THE WEATHER.  Let's look at it.

Paris:  I'm here Friday thru Sunday

Bruges: Mon - tues.

Here is the WEATHER the time we are in Amsterdam:

So umm... yeah... it's not so much SUMMER there yet...
Dang i wish my rain boots fit in my suit case.

Ok, i want to thank you all for allowing me to right this blog, cause guess what.. posting the weather and doing a bit of research just now helped me to realize i DO NOT need so many open toed flats nor do i need so many sun dresses.. OR a bathing suit.... yep.. i'm taking that out now.

Thanks for letting me talk this out.

yer all the best!

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