Friday, May 20, 2011

European Vacation

Andrew and I are finally taking that European vacation we have been talking about for years!  We actually had a down payment on this same trip about 3 years ago, but then i got laid off... so we canceled the trip.  But now i gotta job, and we are going!  

Some people spend money on fancy things, fancy labels, fancy clothes, fancy foods... i spend money on fancy travels.  It's a fact.  I grocery shop at 5 different stores to get the best prices (Stanley's Fresh Market for Veggies, Trader Joes- for wine, Jewel for Jewel bread) i could go on.... and I practically ONLY go to BYOB restaurants (im a good drinker).  I shop at old navy and forever 31 and even get as ghetto and cheap as Discovery (best cheap dresses ever!)

So......The Chobot's are GOING TO EUROPE!!!  don't get me wrong, i did google.. "how to eat cheaply in Paris"  And i got good answers!  (buy a loaf of bread and cheese and a bottle of wine and eat it in the park)  OK!! I will!!!

So here is the deets on our trip.....

1.)  June 2- June 6 - PARIS

Our PARIS HOTEL:  Hotel California St.Germain

2.)  June 6- check out, take the train to Brussells, spend a few hours there, eating chocolates and drinking beer and seeing the sites.  (travel agent said we only need a few hours here)


 3.)  June 6 - June 8 - Bruges, Belgium- Supposedly a really cool little town that not a lot of tourist hit up.. (it's becoming really well "known") - that's what they say...

This cute town was featured in this movie:  In Bruges, starring Collin Farrell (in his oscar nominated role) and yes i already watched this movie in anticipation!

4.)  June 8 - June 11 - Amsterdam! You can only guess what we will be doing here!  (shhh)  Shopping, and eating and drinking and going to the Anne Frank Museum... what were YOU thinking?  Yep, we will be doing that too.  Hey, it's legal! 

Our Hotel:  is called The Art Gallery-  how cute is that??!?

Then back to Chicago!  We would like to thank the Chobot's for keepin' an eye our little nugget while we are gone... we will miss her little face.

Here are phrases i have looked up in French:

Carafe d'eau s'il vous plait. --------  Jug of water please.   - (yes i need a jug.)

Biere s'il vous plait. ----- Beer please. 

Ou est la salle debains  ------  Where is the bathroom?

Bouteille de vin blanc s'il vous plait ------   Bottle of white wine please. 

Yep!  That about covers it.  Well, throw some food questions in there and that'll do.  I got a great app called "My Language"  well see if i can maneuver it without them seeing me.. gonna be smooth.

Any must sees in any of these places?  We are for sure gonna do all the art museums and stuff.. would love any suggestions!

I will be blogging from there too.. so more to come! 
weeeee!!!  Countdown begins... June 2nd here we come!


  1. I am dying, Jessica. This is incredible! If you get bored in Paris (I know that sounds crazy, but bear with me) see if you can jaunt to Bordeaux. Love that city!

    Have so much fun :D

  2. Great pictures !


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