Monday, May 23, 2011

My selfish plea

Another Volcano erupted in Iceland.  My travel agent called and emailed to make sure we knew what was happening and to make sure we confirm all flights before travel to Europe.  After googling way to much on the subject, i am officially freaking out.

1.  I did not get travel Insurance. 
2.  What if our flight is cancelled (they are beginning to cancel flights)
3.  can i still just go to Europe on my trip like planned??!?!?!

this is where i begin to completely freak out... breathe- breathe.  Then i get in the car and drive home from work- I am listening to NPR.

On the radio they are talking about the Tornado in Joplin, MO that killed 118 people.  I immediately feel horrible to think that my problem today is that i am worried my flight for my European vacation might get cancelled/ delayed/ rescheduled....

Mother Nature is a scary thing, and i am sending good thoughts and prayers to the people in Joplin, MO and i feel horrible for being so selfish. 

But I will also say some prayers that i can still go on my trip as planned.  
Hopefully there were no injuries in this volcano!!  Please send out good thoughts and prayers to the people effected by the Tornado and the Volcano.. and if you have any room in there, can you throw a little shout out that the Chobot's get to go on our little vacation safe and sound (and return just as safe and sound).

i appreciate your kindness.  

Here is a crazy photo of the Volcano that erupted yesterday... 

Photo found   HERE

Dear Smoke... please disappear so i can fly in a plane to Paris on June 2nd and return on June 11th.
Thank you.

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  1. I will pray for all those things, Jess! And I really should pay more attention to the news. My mom sent me some message about Iceland and I was all "Whachu talkin' 'bout, Willis?"



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