Tuesday, May 10, 2011

hi, i'm sick.

hi blog friends,
I am sick. and when i am sick, i am a baby.
i have been taking these crazy vitamins that normally work like magic- but this time it's taking them a little longer.  I really do believe them... i do.. i do... i do...
(sniffle, sniffle).
so yeah. you take 6 of these little effers every 3 hours.  i have made my schedule i am taking them like clock work.
Just thought i'd share.  I feel out of it. And guess what- it's the hottest day of the year since September. It hit 90 degrees out by Ohare airport.  i know my fellow texans are used to this, but Chicago is not... but I AM NOT COMPLAINING!!
just complaining that i am sick on such a lovely day. 

But you know what? I am gonna go home- warm up my yummy soup i made last night- and go sit on a patio with my friend Jess to enjoy this day.  I also strongly believe that sometimes drinking the cold away can help... right?  am i right?
we shall see... i wont get crazy.. just a couple. (right?)
it's summer, I GOTTA!

1 comment:

  1. atta, girl! drink those sniffles away. feel better friend~


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