Thursday, May 26, 2011

To do list

1.)  See Midnight in Paris before going to Paris in ONE WEEK FROM TODAY!!!

2.)  TRY to see Bridesmaids this weekend with my friends before i go out of town.

3.)  Mani/ Pedi on Monday- cause i got the day off and it's $35.00 bucks for both on Mon, tuesday and Wednesday... Can't pass up a deal!

4.)  Get my hairs cut- TODAY (at 7pm).  I haven't gotten my hair cut since November.

5.) PACK!!!  I am packing all day on Saturday, that way i can stare at my luggage all week, then take all the things out that i don't need.

6.)   go to a BBQ on Sunday for Memorial Day... it's supposed to be 90 degrees, yes!  (right now it's 40 and feels like winter)

7.)  think of other things i gotta do....

good blog entry right?  I think i just needed to make a list.  Do you make lists? I can't live without them... I hope to get #1 done on Monday!  Head to the theatre all by myself with some popcorn, and get real excited about PARIS!! YES PLEASE..

au revoir!!!!!!

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