Thursday, May 26, 2011

Lil Quiz

A) age: 31 (32 on 6/19)

B) bed size: queen

C) chore you hate: washing drinking glasses..that's why i drink outta this:

D) dogs: my sweet baby Chai

E) essential start to your day: COFFEE

F) favorite color: Red (i finally bought these shoes!!)- they feel like walking on a cloud.

G) gold or silver: Silver

H) height: 5'5"

I) instruments you play: nope. attempted the piano for years!

J) job title: Talent Agent

K) kids: yes, I want them one day ;)

L) live: Wicker Park- Chicago 

(reflection in the bean)

M) mom's name: Dorina

N) nicknames: JT (still),Yes, Chobbers, Chonners, Chabbers, Chabby, , Chobbs, - Since getting married i got so many new fun nick names. i love them ALL.  - YES of course, spanish for Jess (Thanks Holly and Travis)

O) overnight hospital stays: no, thank goodness (knock on wood)

P) pet peeve: abbreviations.  It's not too hard to finish the word "Professor" - "Proff" is like the grossest word ever. so is all this.. LMFAO, LMASO and all that. i have no idea what those things mean (i'm old)

Q) quote from a movie: "Drop dead Lesbo!" - Welcome to the Dollhouse

R) righty or lefty: Right

S) siblings:  Dori, OJ, Omar

T) time you wake up: Weekdays: 8:30am- to be at work at 9am. I get ready fast. Weekends- sleep in as long as possible. I'm a good sleeper

U) underwear: yes, i wear it.

V) vegetables you dislike: i think i like all veggies...well, no raw onions

W) what makes you run late: pickin' out my outfit or trying to find something

X) x-rays you've had:  teeth

Y) yummy food you make: Soup

Z) zoo animal favorite: Panda- this one below i saw at the zoo in DC

Questionnaire borrowed from a cute 'lil Texan early riser blogger Chels.e

1 comment:

  1. loved reading your answers! and loved the photo additions!
    p.s. i want your red toms!


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