Friday, May 20, 2011

iPhone Photos

Happy Friday ya'll!  Thought i'd share with you some of the photos i have taken recently from my iphone.  Some of you might have seen a few of these on Instagram, or Facebook but i will share any ways. Cuz it's fun.

1.)  I got cute new yellow shoes! (from Target) I love them.

2.)  I spent a nice Sunday in my backyard finishing up Tina Fey's book Bossy Pant's and Chai enjoyed being a dog and being outside (instead of curled up on the couch in the winter)

3.)   Our huge tree in our backyard.  It's pretty here but in the summer it prevents the sun to shine through and the grass to grow.  On this day, i liked this tree.

4.)  Sushi date night.


5.)  Fish tank at a Suburban Bar on a night of pub crawling with my lady friends in a trolley. YEP!

6.)  My dinner for the past few nights... I am TRYING to not eat carbs at night and mostly work on portion control....  I saying "TRYING"  because if it turns out i have to eat carbs (date night, girls night, hungover night, drunk night)- i am not gonna beat  myself up about it.. just go with the flow and try to make it a lifestyle change.. NOT A DIET.   This topic deserves it's on blog post.  Will do so, asap!

Dinner 1:  4 oz of chicken breast chopped up- used non fat cooking spray in pan then add 1 cup of fresh broccoli and a tad of soy sauce for flavor and some tomato slices on the side. (naturally, they are my favorite)

7.)  Another dinner: 4 oz Chicken Breast grilled (stove top) Fresh Green Beans and broccoli steamed (1 cup) and a side of tomatoes.

I know these 2 dinners are pretty much the same, but i am gonna mix it up and keep you updated on new recipes i find and things i make.  It'll be fun! and i hope to loose some LB's before my trip to Europe... 12 days people!!!!  EEEEK!

That's it for my random iphone photos of the past few weeks.  have a great friday! (i'm starving)


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