Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Oprah's Secret Spectacular Taping

WOAH! I am exhausted folks!  It was such a crazy, fun, amazing night.  No we did not win a car, we didn't win anything.  There were boxes of kleenex on every other seat and we were real sad we forgot to take them so we could say we got something!! haha..  well, we got an Oprah Magazine. That's cool.  Ok, but this was such a star studded event. You can google anywhere and find out who was there- but i'll write it here, cause that's what blogs are for right?  ok, excuse me while i drop some names - here is who i remember... (yes, there was THAT many people there....)

Tom Hanks, Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes, Halle Berry, Queen Latifah, Beyonce (who can dance like a muther), Dakota Fanning, Diane Sawyer, Mya Angelou (wrote a beautiful poem for oprah), Alicia Keys, STEVIE WONDER!!, Michael Jordan, Jerry Sienfield, Maria Schriver (the day the news came out Arnold had a love child WOAH), Usher, Rosie O'Donnell, Jamie Fox, Aretha Franklin, Madonna (who did not perform, just spoke.. boo),   Patty Labelle, Kristen Chenowith, Rascal Flatts, Will Smith, Jada Pinket Smith, Josh Groban, Simon Cowell, Stedman (her main man) and of course her BFF- Gayle, Dr. Oz, Dr. Phil, and Nate Berkus....  I think thats it.. I really can't think of anyone else- my brain hurts.

The show is gonna amazeballz to watch on the tv.  I think i was MOST star struck by Michael Jordan.. I dont know why- i dont watch sports, but it was something about being in the United Center (where the bulls play) and being on the floor (where his feet have touched)... got a little goose bump action.

Also - of course screamed real loud for Stevie Wonder!! love him
Katie Holmes is really tall in person and very pretty but totes talks out of the side of her mouth.  Tom Cruise IS short. I love Tom Hanks, Usher has a sweet little baby face.  They all look SO SHORT.  every one. Maria Schriver was the only exception she was tall, skinny and looked beautiful... good for her. Jada Pinket Smith and Kristen Chenowith are both peanuts. TINY.  and Beyonce.... i would never pay money to see her in real life.. so it was very cool to see her.  that bitch can DANCE ya'll.  For some reason they did her routine twice- the first time was SO GOOD.. then they were like.. (on loud speaker) ok, re set for Beyonce.... we thought the cameras missed something, producers messed up.. but i heard today that she didn't like her first performance.  dude.... she's forreal. beautiful, and a crazy dancer.

Ok.. what else..   So Colie and i got there earlier and we one of the first people in the stadium.. pictures coming....   We were in the nose bleeds, then this women came over and was like... "COME WITH ME"  -  Yes Ma'am!  We got moved to the FIRST FLOOR!!  we were so close!  ok.. onto the photos...

The front of United Center waiting to get in.. line was SO LONG

me and Colie wating to get in!

The View from our FIRST seats - nose bleed section
Another View from our first seats- audience arriving
Audience has arrived.. we are waiting...

got moved to the floor!! Our View NOW!!!

in our NEW seats looking up to wear we were seated before! Up in that top left corner is where we were

Another view from NEW floor seats

Stevie Wonder in the screen

The finale!  all the famous folks were on stage.. in the jumbo tron you can see Stedman and Oprah

 That's all she wrote... i have girls night tonight.. I'll tell all my lady friends to refer to my blog for a recap whilst i drink some wine... 


  1. and i love everything about this post :)

  2. Cortney linked this on her blog and I seriously just got chills reading it. OMG!!!!


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