Monday, August 1, 2011


aka, Girls Trip 2011.

Every year (for the past 4 years) 8 of my friends and i rent a house and spend a week drinking, eating, playing games, sleeping, reading, laughing, eating, and taking a much needed break from work and the real world.
This year we went to Genoa City, Wisconsin. No special reason why we chose this town- except that it was an hour and half away and the BEST HOUSE EVER.  I will just show you the rest with a sample of photos. Of course i will add some to facebook and i added them to my Flickr page already- click there to view more.

Here goes....

Our beautiful House

the pool

Jess bar tendin'

Ladies reading by the pool L- R Adair, Mary, Colie, Me, & Hayley

Taco Night!

A few of us made water bottles for the group with a Lord of the Rings Theme- Margo handed them out.

The four of us were hobbits

Racoons in the Drunk Cup (the name of our bar)

Pool Table

It was Colie's birthday a few days before the trip so we threw her a surprise party!

Walk down to the lake- L-R Rachel, Adair, Hayley, Colie, Jess, Mary

We rented a pantoon boat for 4 hours one day. It was amazing L-R Hayley, Mary, Me, Val, Adair, Colie

Me and Jess in the Lake

Margo, me and Jess standing at Bar 11

Margo, Me, Colie and Mary

Back at the pool - Rachel, Me, Hayley and Colie

me and Hayley gettin' serious about flip cup

The hammock- the end to a wonderful week. 
I love my friends and i am so lucky to share this with them.. we laughed, and laughed, and laughed... until next year....


  1. soooo fun! you look tan, girl.

  2. i fixed the flickr page- if anyone wants to see it now...


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