Wednesday, August 24, 2011

30 day- guess what?

Hi, Guess what?

I am over posting about the 30 day shred.  haha!  I did pretty good if i do say so myself!  But yesterday i had a nervous breakdown, and my vertigo is back. So today i was too exhausted and dizzy to do my work out.  Dramatic i know, but i tend to be a little on the dramatic side.... what??!- (ahem.) So i came home and read my book - The Hunger Games! (So good) and fell asleep - woke up at 8pm and made dinner...  day is over!!

I decided from here until i go to Mexico (next Friday!)- i'll do the work out when i can, but i am done posting about it.  Perhaps i'll still throw in random photos/ posts every now and then. But this next week is just going to be too busy. I am going to Columbus Ohio on Sat. for a work trip- Tomorrow is my wedding anniversary, i need to go down town to H&M and Forever 21 to see if there are still summer cover up bathing suit thingys to buy for my trip- and do laundry like mad!

Is that enough excuses for me?  hmmm... I think so.

So thanks for following me on this little adventure.  i can try it again at a later date, but i missed blogging about other things!

I really suggest the 30 Day Shred though, if you are looking for a quick easy workout, I say it's easy, because it's only 20 minutes!  But it's also tough, and really makes ya sweat- which makes it a good workout in my book. Like i said, i am going to keep doing it on my own, and then right before i go to Mexico i want to re- measure myself to see if i lost any inches..  here's hoping!


Happy Anniversary to my boo tomorrow!!

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