Saturday, August 20, 2011

30 day Shred- Day 13

Day 13

Woke up early today and did my shred!  It's raining now and i am anxiously waiting for it to clear up so i can see the air and water show!!  I think it's the best festival here in Chicago.. i love planes.
I wont actually go down town, but just look up and out the window to see the planes.

Anywho- today's work out was good. I realized Level 2 is easier in the beginning then right at the end when you are almost done.. it gets SO HARD.  My arms could like fall off.

But now- i am sitting, waiting for Andrew to come home so we can eat and look up at planes.  In the meantime i watching an old episode of Six Feet Under.   And guess what.. i effing love this dang show!  oh man, Nate - heartbreaking.. just watching him talk- tears.
And can you believe Dexter??!?!  He is SO SCARY and GOOD in Dexter- and here in six feet under world, so good and gay.  Great actors all around on this show. Oh, and in this particular episode.. Dwight from the Office is on-  awesomely, amazingly creepy.
Best show ever in my book.

Happy Saturday!

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  1. six feet under= hands down best show ever. i am so proud of you and this shred! you've got discipline, girl.


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