Monday, August 8, 2011

30 Day Shred- Day 1

So today i started Jillian Michael's 30 day Shred- here's a little sample:

I got the DVD on netflix and it's been sitting there for a real long time.. haha. Well i did just got back from a trip!  So i started it today, which is actually not very smart because i leave for Mexico in 25 days.  I guess I'll call it the 25 day shred.

I am going to take before and after photos, but i might not post them unless there is a difference in my body. haha.. NO ONE needs to see it if there is no difference in my body. I am also going to keep track of my measurements.  I'll post those too (if there is a change).  or maybe either way.. we shall see.

So... i hope you don't mind i use my little blog as a 25 day shred journal.  I'll keep posting other stuff, (of course) but i need somewhere to write this stuff down- and maybe I might inspire some of you to do it with me!

Let's go!

Day one.
I thought i might be able to start on level 3... haha.. i did like the first warm up, then went back to level 1.  I want to start at the beginning and do it right.  i just finished the work out, and my arms are like JELLO..  OUCH!  The 20 some odd minutes went by SO fast!  You need little hand weights, and all i have is 5 pounds.. oh man.. shit hurts!  I just googled about the workout and it seems most girls use a 3 pound weight.. i am going to stick with the 5- cause it's all i have.  So there is cardio, strength training, abs, cardio, more abs...  it's good so far.  There is a lady you can watch to do the modified version and another lady that does it full out.  I have never been able to do push ups so i did the modified lady versions of those.. Besides that i stuck with the full out lady.  There is Level 1, Level 2, Level 3.  I think I'll do each level for 8 days. then something for the last.
I could have gone longer, so i am excited that it's pretty easy and goes by pretty fast.  Day one complete... 24 more to go.

Wish me luck, i hope to stick with it!  You see, i have a bit of a social life, and i need to make sure I do this  in the morning on the days i have plans BEFORE girls night, or BEFORE an impromptu BBQ on a Saturday night.  (I am NOT a morning person)  Even writing this out, i am getting nervous that i won't follow through with it. So i guess that's why i will be posting it, so i have people following with me through these 25 days- it'll give me a little more pressure- i need the pressure.

I'm gonna get fit y'all!  (fingers crossed).

k, bye.  I'm off to eat. haha.

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