Sunday, August 7, 2011

Impromptu BBQ/ B-day party.

Hey Ya'll !

On Saturday night we had little impromptu BBQ at our house.  I am going to be out of town (in Mexico) for Andrew's 36th birthday on Sep.4th, and i feel horrible. I mean, don't get me wrong i am VERY excited to go to Mexico with my BFF (and group of her friends) for her bachelorette party- but i feel pretty guilty about leaving Andrew alone for his b-day. Oh!  And it's Chai's birthday on the same day!  :(

Any who- We decided to have a few peeps over for a BBQ- and i had the brilliant idea of getting a surprise cake for Andrew.  One of his friend's is dating a girl who is a baker and they offered to make the cake.  It was so good, and super cute!  And Andrew was real happy.. Although he walked in on us getting the cake together (he is so hard to surprise!)  But he was still happy, and thought it was real cute that i did that while our friends were all together.
Then, we had an jam session!  Great night was had by all- and today.. well- i slept ALL DAY LONG.  i needed it..


Cake and cleavage.. (oops!)

blowing out the candles in the back yard.


Bullock's and cake!!

Andrew and Steve jammin' out.

Steve giving Hayley a little serenade


good lighting

Jess on Bass- Steve on Guitar

Margo and Andrew jam


Steve and Hayley- xo
Here's to a good week!

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