Monday, August 22, 2011

30 day Shred- Day 14 & 15

Day 14

Oops!  Apparently it's hard for me to work out on a Sunday.  Sunday's in the summer in Chicago are not meant for working out! They are meant for cooking out!!
We ended up going to the subburbs for a BBQ at Andrew's sisters house.  I am already getting used to Andrew having the weekends off- and he still has one more week to go at his old job!

Day 15

Today i was running around again after work.
1. go to Costco
2. spend TONS of money i don't have
3.  Unload groceries
4.  feed & walk 2 dogs (one that sucks at walking...) AHEM!!!  CHAI LUNA THOMAS CHOBOT!! - hehe
5.  Do my work out.
6.  make dinner (dinner is cooking now)

I look forward to number 7 every day.  Today was very hard to get motivated to do my workout. I thought.. awe man.. do i gotta?  it's probably not even working.. (still haven't measured myself since that first day).  But i just did it..
You know what helped?  Changing into my workout clothes before walking the dogs.  Then i am already to go!  I ask myself... why are you wearing these dumb clothes.... to do your dumb workout!  - works every time.

I sweat so much today in my workout-- i am STILL sweating!  SO that's good i guess.  oh, one thing i did notice, my ankles started to hurt when i was do my jumping jacks... so much that i couldn't do them full out.  Hmm... home i didn't sprain anything.

On another note-  I did NOT go for  all the Kardashian sisters being in all white at Kim's wedding.  They all looked like they were in wedding dresses.. Did you see her mothers dress?  Cortney i am talking to you....
not cute.

adios, I'm starving!  it's 8pm!!

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