Wednesday, August 10, 2011

30 Day Shred- Day 3

Day 3

Today I  was REAL sore- my arm muscles (biceps??) felt like they were going to pop out of my skin!  Sorry, gross image.  But it's true.  I really started to wonder if I should be doing this every day.. I mean i am  a pro at working out (been doing it a long ass time).  And aren't you supposed to give your muscles a break?  Like arms one day- legs next day?
Who knows.  Jillian says do it 30 days, i'll do it 25 days in a row!  haha.  But i did read a lot about it and people have lost a lot of inches! That is what i am hoping for- inches and toning!  (of course weight would be amazing.. but i am a realist. (we shall see).

So today's work out was good. Those dang pushups are the worst! (again) i did 7 lady push ups then fell to the ground.  - can you guys do push ups?  My arms are so weak.

But all was good, went through the motion (with andrew watching me while he was playing words with friends)..
He was like.. ummm.. you are doing those sit ups wrong (lay flat on back legs up in the air, arms down on the mat and LIFT your butt! )  My legs were going too far back!  i fixed them.. and DANG did that hurt.

Looking forward to doing those right from now on.

Now... here's another photo for reading about my little work out routine.

Wedding Party! L- R my sister, Andrew's Brother, Bill, US, Holly bein' sassy, Alison and Brian

Thanks for playin'!  Now i am off to ride my bike to my friends house (haha!)- we are having ladies night, and i will be drinking wine.
Glad i did my workout now!

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