Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Song of the day

Hi Friends, my song of the day today was not found on the radio, but by a mix cd!  Remember when we used to make our friends mix cd's and tapes? I used to be so good at it!  My sweet friend Hayley made a mix CD and number one on the album is my song today.

I texted her.... "ummm... #1 on your cd is my new favorite song, good lord it's heartbreaking"  I love music, (duh) but it takes a lot for me to LOVE new music.. i mean i still love REM and the Beatles (and most other 90's bands).  So i hope you enjoy this song. i have been listening to it on repeat, and can't get it outta my head! 
This is the first time i heard of this band and the only song i know from them. I am off to do some research and perhaps get the whole album.. if it's anything like this song- i'll love it!
Hope you enjoy!

Band: Department of Eagles
Song: Brightest Minds


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