Saturday, August 13, 2011

30 day Shred- Day 6

Day 6

Happy Saturday folks!  It's been real raining and dark here today, so i have been laid out all day. Watched TV, watched a movie (The Romantics) - starring my boyfriend Adam Brody... (oh and Katie Holmes and Sookie Stackhouse.. did laundry, took a nap...  long lazy Saturday.  Then apparently i fell asleep while reading my book...   (The Glass Castle) - so good, btw.

Andrew wakes me up around 7pm.. "babe.. have you done your work out yet?"...  sweet guy..
me: "shoot!  No.. what time is it.. ugh"

Needless to say, i had no motivation today and no energy. But i did it !  i was real weak today and felt lazy so i am not gonna lie that i might have take a few sips of water while Jillian was still screaming at me to continue.  But it's over and i feel good about doing it - and a little more awake.

Gonna take a shower an go on date with my man!  I'm thinking sushi... mmm.. sushi.
I love that every time after i work out i go eat. oh well, a girls gotta eat right?

Here's a fun photo or 2 for the day

Me and Cortney in Dallas.  After i spent a day at the state fair getting sufficiently fried, like everything else there.

I love this picture of Andrew and I in Boston for his brother's traditional Indian wedding.
Happy weekend!

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  1. I always want a big, not-so-healthy meal after working out. It feels like you deserve it, you know? I am proud of you for going 6 days already. Good work! It almost inspires me to exercise. Almost.


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