Wednesday, August 17, 2011

30 day Shred- Day 10

Day 10 

I woke up at 8:05am.  and did Level 2!  Working out in the morning is a nice change, cause i am done and it gives me a lot more energy!  And it makes me a little happier (till i just took a dumb phone call at work).  haha,
ME: (If you want to be a model, yes we have open calls... yes, bring pictures, well.. no it doesn't cost money, yes we do modeling and acting.. do you have a resume?  have you DONE any professional work?....yes, try to look nice i guess....) .....(blank face), (blink, blink).

So today's work out was good and it's done.. and i move on with my day.
If i were a better workout(er) i would do it again tonight (after my drinks).  But that won't happen.  I wish level 2 had more push ups i was really like trying those out every day. but it's definitely harder in other ways.. lots more usage of the weights and more cardio!

Today i am feeling like this:

Band: Phoenix
Song:  Listomania

I know, i know, i LOVE this song a a little too much. But it makes me SOOOO  HAPPY! and i feel like those guys today running with lots of built in energy! Good news to come in a new post. :)
Till next time!  which hopefully is tomorrow morning, cause i am having girls night at my house tomorrow!


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