Friday, August 12, 2011

No Heat Curls

A lot of the bloggers i read have been posting and trying out these no heat curls.  OMG ya'll, i tried them last night, and it works!! 

I am thinking about doing my hair like this for all future up coming weddings i am in... and fancy parties i am invited to!  haha.

Check out the You Tube Tutorial- it is very well detailed.  Follow the instructions and you will get luscious curly locks! 

My hair is naturally pretty straight and VERY thick!  I did this last night at about 11pm- with no hair spray (and didn't spray today either)  But i still have curls!  It's pretty awesome. 

You just need a Hair Band to fit your whole head. And follow the instructions on the video.  I originally read about it on this BLOG  - she does lots of Hair Tutorials.  So fun! 

Here is the before shot- preparing the hair:

Then i went to bed with my hair all twisted up like that... And BTW, i think it's pretty cute like that with the head band and i will be rockin' this style too.  (maybe with a lighter color headband)

Then I woke up and it looked like this!  Look mom- i got curls!!!

Pretty cool right?  (Please disregard my face.  haha.)

Here is the video if you wanna try to play too!

happy curling!

1 comment:

  1. i just watched this entire video because i am fascinated. may have to grow my hair out so i can try it as i have always wanted curls :)


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