Thursday, August 18, 2011

30 day Shred- Day 11

Day 11


I have been rushing around like a crazy person today. I am having a friend over for dinner and we are dog sitting this weekend, so i am awaiting the dogs (buddy)'s arrival also.
I rushed home and did my work out, then showered- then walked chai, now i am finally sitting here waiting for my friend and the my friend the come over.

My work out was good today, felt really rushed through it though...  And i did a real person push up!  Watch out world, i'll be doing pushups with the best of them!

Here's a random picture.  A little birthday party we had for Andrew at a bar a few years ago. I surprised him- by having his whole family show up.... at least i think it was a surprise. prob. got ruined... haha

L-R: Me, Sister Anne, Dont know that guy, Cousin Jeff, Sis.inLaw Sumita, Brother Tony, BroInLaw Mike, Sister Aimee, and Andrew.   All Andrew's siblings- btw. Good lookin' Chobot crew.

gotta run and start preparing dinner!  

until tomorrow. 


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