Monday, August 15, 2011

30 Day Shred- Day 7 & 8

Day 7

Oops!  skipped day 7.  I had every intention of doing a day 7, but the weather was so beautiful!  I went on a bike ride instead (to a bar) (with my friends)..  haha, i felt real guilty- but mostly because of this blog! If i didn't blog about it- no one would know that i missed a day.

So again, sorry if this is extra boring- but it's keeping me on track, and apparently- i need it!

Day 8

Today's workout was awesome!  Really.  I did ALL my push ups!  11 the first set and 10 the second set (still lady like, but i AM a lady)  One day i will get more manly with the push ups, i can't wait for that day.
But really, i floated thru the workout, nothing was too hard and nothing hurt too much.  So i think tomorrow i'll move on to Level 2.  Remember I was going to do each level 8 days (since i am only going to 25 days).  So i think since i skipped day 7, i still might move on.   Got it?  haha, i think i am even lost.

We shall see. Day 8 is complete and i feel good and sweaty!  Time for dinner! YUM!

ps.  andrew just made me a fruit smoothy. MMMMmmMMmMmMM... dinner after that...and i find photos for today's random postings...

Hi Kathleen and Drew!!

Hi Adair!  

Hi Marcy and Cortney!!

haha, xoxo


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