Thursday, August 11, 2011

30 Day Shred- Day 4

Day 4

So this morning i woke up a little hung over.. That's what happens after a few glasses (bottles) of wine at my lady friend's house the night before.  But i was thinking.. jeez if this workout wasn't only 20 minutes i'd for sure be skipping it today.
Imagine going to bikram yoga hung over (it's not cute).

So when i got home from work, I had to walk Chai then do a little last minute work stuff.  So i was sitting on the couch... on the computer... stumbled onto facebook- starting looking at blog stuff... got lazy and distracted.  Had to PEEL myself off of the couch to get it done today.  But i did it.  Nothing exciting to report.  8 push ups,  my arms are still killing me, and now my calves?   could be the drunken bike ride i did last night to my friends house. (jk, we weren't THAT drunk and were very safe)  I am always extra safe on my bike.  I have a helmet ya'll.

That is all, i am real tired and hungry. But i like showing ya'll random pictures- because reading about my dumb workout is boring i imagine.  I just need a place to keep notes and track of my progress.. i'll look back at this one day and think.... remember when i could do 8 lady push ups??!?!?

Here you go....

Holly, Me and Alison- in Wisconsin Dells- photo by Andrew

haha, and a picture of me sleeping and Holly trying to stick a cheese curd in my mouth....


1 comment:

  1. keep up the random picture posting. LOVE them.
    p.s. good job on the lady push-ups :)


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