Friday, August 12, 2011

30 day Shred- Day 5

Day 5

Today at work, i ate pizza and drank Champagne... that's not too good when you are trying to work out and BE good!  But oh well, i wrote it down,  and came home and worked out.  I did it the second i got in the door today because i am going to happy hour with my friends!  Work out first - then drink.

fine by me.  I did 12 count it 12 lady push ups today!  Woot woot!
besides that work out was good, i can already feel my muscles getting stronger... or coming back i should say.

and i am gonna keep posting random pictures, cause i type this on my computer at home.. and i have LOTS of pictures on this computer.!!  and soon , i am gonna bust out old photo albums from high school and junior high!  Beware Cortney and Kathleen....  hahaha!  (love you guys!)

here is me and my niece Olivia shopping for flower girl dresses - she was OVER it.

And here is my sweet baby face niece Simone at the State Fair of Texas... (with a cameo from my sister in the back ground!)

Adios!  Off to shower and drink some beers at the Empty Bottle for Honkey Tonk Fridays!

Have a great weekend, hopefully be back tomorrow, with day 6 !!

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