Tuesday, August 9, 2011

30 Day Shred- Day 2

Day 2

So today I woke up not feeling sore at all!  And i was so motivated i rode my bike to work  (the weather was awesome!  first time in a long time in the early 80s).
Once i got to work.. i started getting sore.. first my legs (perhaps from the bike ride)?  But by the end of the day- dang were my arms were sore!

I also decided today that i am going to keep track of what i eat. So brought an old little journal and anytime i put anything in my mouth, i wrote it down.. (3 pieces of gum.... and so on). (i ate lots more then gum.. just an example).  I think writing that down will help me get in shape too.. (i hope, i hope).

Then i rode my bike home from work- and that was NOT cute.  I had to go up this huge hill which is normally not a problem.. but ouch! it hurt!  and the wind was not helping.

Got home, Andrew was walking Chai- so i started my video.  It was SOOO MUCH HARDER today!   I still can't do push ups (lady kind or man kind)..  i think if i can do a push by the end of all of this- it will have been worth it.   - but, it was much harder today and i found myself giving up at some points..(remember yesterday i could have kept going?)... ok so we will see.  Day 2 = very hard!  But i made finished it.. and sat right down to write this-  so at least my arms still work. That's a plus.

Off to make dinner!  (and write down what i ate in my journal)-  thank goodness this is only for 25 days!

For reading all of that, here is a super cute picture of my chai as a puppy.....



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