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I Love My City: Chicago

My friend Cortney did a great blog post about loving her city. And asked of her readers what we love about our cities.  I have lived in Chicago since 2001 after graduating from College in Dekalb and moving away from my parents house in Dallas, Texas.

So i present to you my top 25 favorite things i love about my new home away from home- CHICAGO.

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In no particular order.....

1.  Wicker Park- six corners:  This has been my neighborhood since 2001.  it's the best

2.  Happy Village - it's a bar.  It's my neighborhood bar. It's like my Cheers - they know my name.
best beer garden in town

3.  Street Festivals- all summer long! Drinking beer in the streets.

4.  Blue Fin Sushi-  OMG. (in wicker park)
5.  Bike Lanes- for us city bikers ;)

6.  Pizza.  But not deep dish, i like the thin crust. My Favorite is D'Agostinos Pizza

7.  Free Honkey Tonk Music Friday's at the Empty Bottle - Happy Hour

8.  Mexican Food- Specifically, Burritos at Picante. (mainly after happy hour at the Empty Bottle) this is down the street from my house. The closest thing to Tex Mex i have found. 

9.  Brunch.... Ear Wax Cafe.. haven't been there in a while.. but oh man. so good!

10.   Free Music Monday's at Millennium Park

11.  The Art Institute of Chicago
haha! That's me at my bachelorette party in front of the Art Institute...

12.  Kuma's Corner - i mean.. the best craziest burgers in town.

This is one i actually ate- yes, that is corn and green beans on that burger.- Could also come with a fried egg on top.

13.  Thai Lagoon.  One of the first restaurants i ever went to in Chicago. Still my favorite Thai in Wicker Park

14. BYOB-  we don't go out to eat a lot, but when we my city we get to BYOB.... Nothing better. did i mention we are penny pinchers?  i mean- we pretty much ONLY got to byobs..

15.  Neighborhoods.  I told Andrew i was doing this and i asked him- what would be in his top 25- and he said.. The Neighborhoods. I already mentioned my neighborhood.  But i love all the neighborhoods and that you can walk or bike anywhere.. No need for DUI's in Chicago.. you drink at your corner bar and walk home.

16.  Dog Parks- for my Chai Chai

Chai won this game.
17.  The Holidays in the City

18.  The Trains and Buses.. CTA

19.  Shopping downtown.. (and being 3 stops off the train to get to H&M on Michigan Ave.).

20. The Theatre Scene in Chicago - i love theatre, did you know?

(Tony Award winning) August Osage County at The Steppenwolf Theatre  Coming soon to a Movie Theatre near you.

21.  Broadway in Chicago. i love musicals.

22.  Tank. Did you know i love Asian food?  One thing i love more then Asian food is soup. Put them together, and you get TANK- the best PHO in Chicago.  

i ate this soup. It's the best thing ever.

23.  Fashion/ Style.  You can get inspiration for shopping just by walking down the street

i do not know these people.. googled.

24.  Summertime in Chicago in general.. People literally come out of hiding and show skin for the first time in 9 months.  It's exhilarating. 

25.  Lake Michigan.  I am lucky enough to have been on a sail boat in Chicago.  My friends' parents own a sail boat, and it is magical.

Phew... That was fun!

Apparently i love boozing and eating...but i guess i knew that already.

What do you love about your city?  


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  1. great list! not a fan of 'ear wax' being a part of a restaurant name!


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