Friday, August 19, 2011


Hey you guys,

i am very stressed out today.  Remember when i said we had some good news the other day?  Well the good news is- Andrew got a new job!!! 

Its very exciting.  He has been working in retail since i have known him (11 years).  And he was really hating it and becoming depressed.   He got offered a job for a company this fixes MAC computers (he's a pro at Apple products).  He will be working Mon- Fri 9-5pm- WEEKENDS OFF!! Normal holiday hours off!!!!  - we haven't spent xmas together in years, because i still go to Dallas and he is normally not allowed to take vacation during the busiest shopping holiday of the year!  And they are allowing him to continue teaching! (he teaches college Art History and 3-D design at a local commutiny college). and that's awesome.

So this is really going to change our lives, and i am super excited about it for sure.  BUT!!!  Of course there is a but......

His new job- does not offer health insurance.  And i have plans ya'll!!!  We can discuss those plans at a later date... but we NEED health insurance. 

So, now the stress begins.. do we get independent health insurance, can i get us BOTH covered under my job?  Is there... maternity leave (for one day if/when i decide its baby time)....  omg, i am stressing. Should i move to Canada?  Lots of questions, and yes lots of options... but oh man. it's rough.

The only problem with getting insurance through my job is: i already make 10 dollars every 2 weeks (practially!!!) - i make no money.  So then if my insurance is coming out of that, it'll be brutal.. but Andrew did get a raise in his new job.... so perhaps it'll even out?? 
Also, if i get insurance through my job- i'll never get a raise.  (i'll be here 2 years in Oct.- not one raise...) it's awesome.  BUT, i am very thankful to have a job in this economy..!!  I digress.... 

I just wanted to vent a little.... I know we will figure it out, and in the long run I am SO HAPPY Andrew can leave his old job and do something he respects more and be happy. 

We are very lucky that he found a job that he will hopefully love in this economy.. just please send good thoughts to the insurance gods that we will find a good insurance plan.....   and a policy we can afford.


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  1. I hate that insurance is so stressful, but it is - we've been there and it sucks. I would thinkg about a health savings plan for Andrew. He's young and healthy and it's good for people who don't have any medical issues. You will need a better policy for you future plans so just do a little comparison shopping between your job and individual plans (look at - we used that because we could compare lots of policies and find one that made sense for our needs). It's complicated, but you guys will be fine! Congrats to Andrew!


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