Wednesday, August 3, 2011


There are many reason i have fallen in love with blogging.  I just realized another one today.  Fashion..  I have been reading all these blogs of people i do not know- and their outfits.. i WANT!
I love when i am reading one thinking... dang, i wish i knew where they got that dress, and then at the bottom of their fancy photos they tell me!
I love when it's:

Dress: Target
Shoes: Target
and not:
Dress: Mod Cloth (or something fancy i can't afford)

Cause that means i might have a chance of getting them too!  And they aren't my friends so we won't be wearing the same outfit! Score. 

The other day i was reading the blog : Nat The Fat Rat
I do not know her, but i sure do love her style (fashion and writing style).  I have seen a lot of these ladies wearing these shoes called Saltwater Sandals, and i have secretly been searching on line to get them... sold out... not my size, wrong color, baby shoes...  Well Nat... did a whole post on her Saltwater Sandals- and lo and behold i bought those suckers!
..After texting Andrew...  "hey, i wanna buy shoes, i love them so much.. can i? can i? "  You see we always check with each other before making purchases over 50 bucks.  These shoes were only $35.00 But i thought i would check any way- cause we are pinching our penny's this summer- forrealz.
I bought them online on Monday and they are on my feet today!  Wooohooo!

Cute right?  They are super comfy- and i love them.  Side note.. like my toe nails?  Andrew painted them for me... yep! We are on a budget folks, and he's a keeper!
That is all.  :)

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  1. hahaha, girl you make me laugh. And your new shoes are real cute.


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