Thursday, August 25, 2011

Happy Anniversary!

Dear Andrew, 

I sure do love you a whole lot!  

Thank you for:  

Loving Me
Being You
Walking Chai (a lot)
Cooking me dinner (a lot)
Being a great cook
Being a real good cleaner
Being so talented and smart
Getting me movies and tv shows that i love
watching so many tv series- beginning to end that i choose
Being a great partner
being my best friend
knowing me so well
dealing with my "break downs"
Working so hard
walking chai
being my family
making me laugh
laughing at me
loving me
watching tv in bed with me
being a great father to chai
did i mention: putting up with me?
Allowing me to go to Mexico on YOUR BIRTHDAY!
and girls trip every year- while you work 7 days a week
being so selfless
loving my friends
Always thinking i'm cute.
budgeting for me.
Being the best husband a gal can ask for.

Love you boo!

Happy 4th Anniversary! Can't wait for many, many more!


  1. Love the thumbs up! Happy anniversary, kids! Congrats.

  2. Yaaayyyy!! Happy anniversary! Jessica, I kind of want you to be my wife with all that sweet talkin'. Hope you guys celebrated right.


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