Tuesday, August 16, 2011

30 Day Shred- Day 9

Day 9

ummm... omg ya'll level 2 is hard!!!  I took my sweet little time getting home from work on my bike. stopped at the bank, stopped in a few clothing stores to view items that simply are NOT in my budget for my Mexico trip which is also not in said budget.
Anyway.. got home.. with the thought -- oh i'll knock this out and make dinner.  UMMM!  Level 2 is not joking around.  So much jumping!   my poor down stairs neighbor. Im surprised they didn't come check on me to see if i was alive.

Well, i am pretty sure i'll be sore tomorrow.  And! Tomorrow night i have a drink date with an old co -worker right after work- SOOoo  i'll have to wake up early to work out!!
If you know me.. i am NOT a morning person.. literally work at 9- wake up at 8:45 shower, and still make it on time (on my bike)!   So tomorrow is gonna be a challenge, and not gonna lie- i might do level 1 in the morning..
No one needs to be awoken by my big old jump and jacks!!

Ok, water is boiling off to cook.  and perhaps drink a glass of red wine??!?!  I need it after that work out!  ha!
PS.  I never sweat this much in level 1.

Look how HOT i am ! and not in a cute way.  haha.

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